BioShock: Infinite

I went into this game having only played 30 minutes of BioShock, and completing BioShock 2. At the time, I loved BioShock 2 and couldn’t really get into BioShock (against the grain I know).

BioShock:Infinite starts in a similar way to BioShock; you get dumped on a small island in the middle of the ocean, only you go up this time, not down. After a quick baptism, you open the doors into Columbia. My first thought? Wow. The view was brilliant, nicely showing off everything that Irrational had developed. Columbia its self is huge, and I was exploring every little shop that I could find.

Once you meet Elizabeth, the game starts proper. Her ability to “tear” space and time to bring in allies or supplies can save a fight, and you find yourself bonding to her at the same pace as Booker. Her AI is also very well done; she’ll lean on walls while you explore, find ammo and health for you, she’ll express shock when you kill someone and when she’s upset, you really know it. Her character also develops as the game goes on, when she’s forced to take matters into her own hands, it makes her a lot more mature.

Combat is the standard BioShock standard, gun in one hand, vigor in the other. As in other BioShocks, vigors can be combined to produce different effects.

I really enjoyed the game, not quite my game of the year, but a very close runner up.

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