The Last of Us: Left Behind

So I finished this yesterday evening, not rushing through it but I still got through in under two hours. This felt like a good length: not too long that I got bored but short enough to leave me wanting more.

(Some spoilers here)

The expansion takes place before the main game starts and during Joel and Ellie’s escape from David’s men. You also get to meet Riley, one of Ellie’s friends who becomes a Firefly. It explains the story behind how Ellie got her bite, and shows how her relationship with Riley has influenced her relationship with Joel. I think it does a better job of explaining Ellie’s back story that the comic did, but both complement each other quite nicely.

There’s a nice mixture of exploration, dialogue and combat with Infected and Hunters. I played through on normal, which was hard enough in the final “boss” battle, but I’ll probably replay at some point on a harder setting, once I get through the main story on Surviver.

At the start of the game, it asks you if you want to connect to Facebook. Now, being very hesitant of anything that asks me to connect to social media, I tried to find out what it wanted this for, but as it had only just come out I couldn’t find anything. So I did it anyway. I’m glad I did. It isn’t crucial to the story, but it’s a neat little extra. I’ve posted a link to what you get here.

So should you buy it? Yes. No doubt it will get you playing the main game again too.

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